Shelf Life: Image and Story

Because of its continuing success, the dynamic exhibit “Shelf Life” has been extended and expanded. This outstanding exhibit features photographs of the museum’s collection by noted Stratford photographer Ann Baggley.

“In taking the pictures” Ann said, “I found some artifacts told louder tales to me than others. What it was they spoke to me of, exactly, is hard to articulate. My hope is that the photos speak for themselves. I also hope that they evoke emotions, or curiosity. It is these qualities, I believe, that imbue the artifacts and objects in the museum with life. Our own memories and imagination keep the past present and create a Shelf Life.”

Museum Education Coordinator William Kernohan says “Ann’s photos are hyper descriptive and emotionally compelling. This exhibit is certainly my favourite of all of our exhibits in the past five years.”

This feeling was echoed by those who attended the exhibit opening in the summer, and by visitors who have come to see these powerful images and to hear their powerful stories. We are pleased to extend a new invitation to come and explore the richness of the museum’s collection through Ann’s eyes and imagination, and through yours.

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