A new year at Your Museum

Have you ever wondered what the folks at Your Museum get up to when no one is looking?

Let me give you a hint: we never stop thinking of ways to bring your stories to life. A museum is a living story, and that story is the story of all of us.

And with a new year getting started, we have events and exhibits, happenings and programs just waiting for you.

On Saturday Jan 5th, a special exhibit by members of the Stratford Camera Club opens at Your Museum. The exhibit recognizes over 50 years of club members capturing the lives and histories of Perth County. This exhibit will run until March 30th, so be sure to drop by. For more information about this exciting collaboration, check HERE.

On Sunday Jan 6th, Your Museum will join in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the International Plowing Match with a levee at the Mitchell Community Centre, 185 Wellington Street, Mitchell, from 1 to 5pm. The Stratford Perth Museum is a proud partner in these celebrations. Watch for events and happenings at the Museum and at the IPM, which runs from Sept 17th to 21st, in Mitchell. Join us in recognizing the hard work and pride of Perth County farmers and their families. You can find full details about the levee HERE.

Finally, on Sunday January 27th, Your Museum is proud to present Peggy Coffey in a reading of her mask and story piece – "I was born......" – on Sunday January 27th, 2013. Using masks designed and executed by Heather Ruthig, Peggy tells the stories of women who began their lives at the turn of the century in rural Ontario, extraordinary women who lived through some of the most dramatic changes of any generation. Please check HERE for all the details about this special Sunday afternoon event at Your Museum. Tickets are on sale now at the Museum.

Did I say finally? There is always more. We are inviting quilters to take part in our 2013 Spring Quilt Show.  And don't miss Ann Baggley's photo exhibit, Shelf Life, with stunning photographs from our collection. The photo above, of "Grace" from Peggy Coffey's "I was born..." is just one example. Feel like a trip down the back roads of Perth County? Then drop by and check out Elizabeth Davidson's Barns of Perth County. Are you looking for something to challenge and intrigue? Then visit Education Co-ordinator Will Kernohan's exhibit Propaganda: The Art Of War.

What have I forgotten? Snowshoeing is back, now that winter has brought us some snow. Call Your Museum today to enjoy the trails and wonders of our seven acre site.

And that is just the beginning.

So if you are still wondering what it is the team at Your Museum is doing, drop by our website and check us out. Check us out often.

We have only just begun to amaze you....

Shelf Life: Image and Story

Because of its continuing success, the dynamic exhibit “Shelf Life” has been extended and expanded. This outstanding exhibit features photographs of the museum’s collection by noted Stratford photographer Ann Baggley.

“In taking the pictures” Ann said, “I found some artifacts told louder tales to me than others. What it was they spoke to me of, exactly, is hard to articulate. My hope is that the photos speak for themselves. I also hope that they evoke emotions, or curiosity. It is these qualities, I believe, that imbue the artifacts and objects in the museum with life. Our own memories and imagination keep the past present and create a Shelf Life.”

Museum Education Coordinator William Kernohan says “Ann’s photos are hyper descriptive and emotionally compelling. This exhibit is certainly my favourite of all of our exhibits in the past five years.”

This feeling was echoed by those who attended the exhibit opening in the summer, and by visitors who have come to see these powerful images and to hear their powerful stories. We are pleased to extend a new invitation to come and explore the richness of the museum’s collection through Ann’s eyes and imagination, and through yours.


Will Kernohan, Education and Program Co-ordinator, on Remembrance:

Each November I get a feeling of great pride but also great sorrow for those who gave their lives in past wars, peacekeeping and in service to this wonderful country. I can remember standing at the cenotaph of my hometown (Tottenham) at a Remembrance Day service when I was a little boy and trying to understand why the older gentleman in front of me was crying. I asked my father after the service and he explained, the concept of mourning and remembrance to me. The older gentleman "was remembering his friends, his brothers in arms" he said. Ever since I have been interested in acts of remembrance. How we remember is very important to me as a Museum worker but also to me as a Canadian. In 2011 we asked schools in Perth County to create a cross we could install on the museums grounds to symbolize an act of remembrance. The teachers who were involved told me "it was amazing how the children took to the task" and the many questions it helped generate allowed them a chance to explain remembrance. The goal was to inspire an understanding of the act of remembrance and I am very grateful to the students who worked on this challenge and the crosses they created were proudly displayed on the front lawn of the museum. On Remembrance Day please take the time for your own act of remembrance...